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Business Description

Sporty Afros is an innovative, unique company that provides resources for African-American women to take control of their health. With one of the leading obesity rates in the United States, African-American women are at serious risk, yet there are limited  health and wellness resources available that address their specific needs.

Sporty Afros is the first site of its kind, breaking down the barriers that prevent black women from addressing their health by connecting the dots between hair care, exercise and nutrition. In a 2011 article in the New York Times, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Regina M. Benjamin stated that hair care is a major barrier to fitness for black women and needs to be tackled in order to effectively decrease the community’s obesity statistics.

Sporty Afros is a one stop shop for questions, discussions, tips and answers about fitness/workout routines and healthy nutrition while providing practical workout hair care solutions. To this end, Sporty Afros has developed the first line of hair care products specifically formulated for active black women.


To establish a social platform for health/fitness and effective hair care for black women.


Sporty Afros seeks to become the largest online presence dedicated to enabling more black women to lead active lifestyles in conjunction with establishing and maintaining healthy hair regimens.




Established in 2010, Sporty Afros.com was founded by Whitney Patterson and Alexandria Williams after constantly being asked how they maintained their curly/coily hair while sticking to a consistent workout routine.

Company Roster

  • Whitney Patterson – Co Founder, Certified Running Coach, Triathlete and Image Consultant
  • Alexandria Williams – Co Founder, Triathlete and  Sports Nutritionist  For more about Alexandria click here.
  • Monisha Randolph -Senior Contributor,  Certified Running Coach and Author

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