5 Easy Gym Hairstyles For Every Texture

Five easy gym hair styles for various textures and natural hair


When going into the gym or working out outside, I try to make sure I look cute because you never know when you have to take a quick post-workout selfie! With a little preparation before I go into the gym, I can achieve looking cute before, during and even after a hard workout. Now your hair styles can be both functional in the gym and even cuter after a sweaty workout with these quick and easy hair tutorials. Check out these five gym hair styles for a variety of hair textures.

For Straight Hair: The Topknot Bun

Workout Topknot Bun Sporty Afros Whitney


The topknot is a classic because it keeps your hair up and out of your face. This is Whitney’s favorite hair style right now!

For Kinky & Coily Textures: The Sporty Puff

Workout Bun for Natural hair

Struggling to keep your hair looking cute with a vigorous workout schedule? This puff will stay in place while you are working out. It’s also an easy hair style to sport after an intense workout as well. For a full tutorial click here.

For the Updo Lover:  The Janelle Monae

If you love a quick undo, check out Whitney’s Janelle Monae workout hair care solution tutorial. It’s  easy to do with a few bobby pins and works for a variety of textures and facial shapes.

For Curly and Wavy Hair Textures: Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots on Natural Hair Tutorial

If your hair is naturally curly or you’re transitioning, bantu knots are awesome. Once finished working out, simply take down the pins and voila! Check out this easy tutorial.

Part 1: Pre-Workout: How to Prep Natural Hair for Bantu Knots Before Working Out 

Part 2: Post-Workout: How to Style Bantu Knots After a Workout

For Wig and Weave Lovers: Easy Wigs for Natural Hair

How to Make a synthetic wavy wig look natural
Wigs are amazing when your in a hurry after working out. Pick a wig based on your current texture. Check out a few of our wig tutorials to craft your wig within minutes.


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