I Had High Blood Pressure- My Confession & Change

I attended a health fair at Kroger’s. This health fair was dedicated to “Stroke Awareness” month, which is this month-May. FYI- My grandmother is a stroke survivor.

I took time to read and discuss strokes prevention and signs, which I admit I didn’t know as much as I though I did. I also tested my blood pressure and got amazing results. 3 months ago my blood pressure was very high mostly due to stress and additional 20lbs will do this.  Yikes!

Today, my blood pressure is back to normal and lower than ever. (Oh I did lose those 20lbs too!) I realized the importance of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle and the results of it.  Stress affects my particular body with immediate weight increase and high blood pressure. Both are leading causes for a stroke.

As I am always on the go, it is important to sit down, relax, cry some if I have to, adjust and regroup- not drink or eat a bowl of salsa and chips. Stress dehydrates you body in a sense.

I will take a look now and start incorporating more yoga, “Me” time, and mental checks in with myself to adjust my stress level. Everyday I am learning something newer on this journey. It’s a journey that is never over. Living healthy spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically is on-going for everyone.


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