Whitney's #30DayVeg Challenge Update

It’s well into week 2 of the #30DayVeg challenge. I decided to try out a vegan diet this month which seems like it wouldn’t be too hard since I’m already a vegetarian but it has been TOUGH. Eating a vegan diet means no meat or animal by products so that’s:

  • No meat, fish or poultry
  • No cheese
  • No butter
  • No milk
  • No eggs

Which excludes most bread and desserts…..

When you cut all of that out and try to eat out at restaurants you realize just how much everything is covered in cheese and butter! It’s crazy. Here is a little snap shot of what I’ve been eating.

Vegan meals


I haven’t been doing a ton of meal prep because my food cravings change  every hour! I have my staples (beans, fresh veggies, fruit, brown rice, tofu, veggie sausage, and tortillas) in the fridge and I make whatever I crave at the moment, which has been a lot of mexican food. It’s simple and tasty!

During  my first week, I cut back my wine intake to Saturday only. I substituted my usual glass of wine with ginger tea.



It wasn’t that difficult at first but the longer I’m on the diet, the more I crave  my wine!  I’m a foodie and  it’s the only food enjoyment I have left! Wine is vegan so I’ve added that back into my diet 🙂

I’ve also been making lots of protein shakes and fruit and veggie smoothies. They are easy to drink on the run and they keep me full for a few hours.

I’ve been sticking to my 90x workout routine but unfortunately the changes in my diet have not led to more muscle definition. I’m really bummed about that. I’ve decided that I’m going to start seeing a trainer to get the results I want.

All and all, I don’t think a 100% vegan diet is for me. Although I like it at times and I feel super healthy, I feel like I can’t enjoy food.  I feel like I’m on constant restriction, always hungry and thinking about what I’m going to eat. For those of you out there who have been vegan for years, I tip my hat to you! It takes some serious dedication. But,  I did commit myself to the #30DayVeg challenge and I will stick it out to the end.

Are you participating in the #30DayVeg challenge? How’s it going?

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