Whitney's Week In Pictures

Instead of my typical blog post, I thought I would show you what I’ve been up to during the past few weeks in a photo montage.  Cue fun Beyonce music.


Play this clip as you scroll through the pics.



Yesterday, Alex and I went to Tawana’s spin class. She kick our butts! I was taking pics on my cell phone and they came out extra blurry.


Me, Alex and Tawana after class

Sporty Afros!

Getting our spin on!


The other week I stopped by the Good Karma Food truck to taste some of their yummy Asian-fusion vegetarian menu.

I had the Asian BBQ salad. It was crazy good! The fake meat was made from dehydrated soy beans! I swear I couldn’t tell the difference.

This past Saturday I was hanging out with my friend in uptown and we stopped by Prime Bar they had some amazing red pepper hummus!

Super random, but did you know the Panera Bread in Addison has a drive through?! Its awesome. Healthy fast food!

After Hours

I went to this awesome networking event called Forward. Its all about connecting professional women in the Dallas area. Its run my my friend Jasmine Brand and she does a fabulous job! The events are always at new, unexpected places, they are short, only every 2 months and there is always an activity which I love. This particular event was at Peak and Elm a new restaurant that’s opening and Jasmine had a Dallas stylist come talk to us about how pick vintage clothes. How cool is that?!

She had her personal collection of vintage pieces she’s found over the years on sale as well!


If you guys didn’t already know, I recently cut my hair! I will post a youtube video about it next week and my new short hair regimen, but here is a sneak peak for now!

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