Baggy Tutorial – Bellemuse


Bellemuse was featured on BGLH and I love the fact she discussed the bagging method. I figured I would share this with you guys who have some questions. I am starting to do this (with modifications) and I’ll post updates soon!

Bellemuse’s baggy tutorial

1. I buy a roll of plastic saran wrap from the dollar store.
2. I mist my hair with a homemade mix: 25% castor oil & glycerin and 75% water
3. I wrap the saran wrap around my head like a scarf.


4. I now use saran wrap instead of the beauty store plastic caps because all my hair no longer fits into the beauty store caps. Also the saran wrap is cheaper 🙂
5. Before bed I remove the plastic and put on my silk scarf <- thrift store find. I don’t wear my plastic/baggy to bed because I want my scalp to dry.
6. In the morning while in the shower I rinse my hair with plain water

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