The Fitness Girls’ Guide to Valentine’s Day


With the month of February comes a variety of big celebrations such as the Super Bowl, Black History month and, of course, Valentine’s Day. Even if you have a valentine you can still show yourself some love too, right? Here are a few things the fitness chick can do to show herself love for Valentine’s Day:

Inspire Yourself- If you are feeling down and need some inspiration, purchase a new book. There are hundreds of books that will inspire you about whatever journey you are on. A great, quick read is Runner’s Revelations: How Running Changed My Walkby Monisha Randolph. You will surely be inspired as Ms. Randolph takes you on her funny, moving and triumphant journey through training for her first marathon.

Celebrate Uniquely- Instead of the normal girl’s night out, try something fun that will expand your knowledge at the same time such as a cooking lesson, a dance class, painting, etc. This month, Sporty Afros is hosting February Fabulousness, where we will have a discussion about fitness, style, nutrition, hair care over cocktails. It will be fun and informative. Check out for more details.

Spruce Up Your Hair- A new doo always makes a girl feel better! Do you normally wear your hair straight? Try experimenting with curly half wigs or a roller set for new look you are sure to love. If you normally wear your hair curly, try straightening it out or try a straight wig for a sleek new look.

Splurge on Gear– For you all who are still keeping your fitness new years’ resolutions, what better way to spoil yourself than with new workout gear and gym bag essentials?! Here are few of our favorite finds that we love: Under Armor sports bras, any Nike leggings and/or workout pants, Brook’s performance shirts, Burt’s Bees moisturizing lip balm, iPod and Adidas duffel bags. With these items, you will be able to step up your workout routine. Your entire body will thank you too.

New Workout Class – Bored with your usual workout routine already? Try a new workout class/routine to switch it up. Some of our favorites are hot yoga, zumba, belly dancing, rock climbing, hip hop dance; the list goes on and on. Check your local area to see what fun classes are happening.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is not only for giving and receiving gifts but showing yourself some love too!

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