McDonald's Food Now Comes With a Warning Label

Sorry, if we are going overboard with the nutrition posts but I couldn’t help but share this after I saw it on my friend’s Facebook page.

The picture was posted on Jillian Michaels’ page and she shared it to others. Apparently in California, McDonald’s is REQUIRED to put a warning label on its food. This sounds just like warning labels on cigarettes and all hazardous items right?!

I wonder, will other fast food places be required too?  More importantly, this makes me question Weight Watcher’s recent endorsement of McDonald’s food.

Bottom line – read your food labels and know what you’re putting in your body!



  • Johanne says:

    Just remember, and again I am not endorsing McDonald’s nor saying they are the complete devil as in the end, we are actually free to choose where we eat. Right? BUT, certain foods, regardless, can “chemically” change into a carcinogen. If you grill your organically grown, non-antibiotic induced meat, and it gets a little charred….well viola, you now have a meat that has been known “in the State of California to cause cancer” actually, it is a simple scientific transition of chemicals and minerals at high heat. As explained in the McD label….acrylamide is known to be produced as a chemical created when potatoes are browned….McDonald’s did not create the potatoes and last I checked no one ate them raw. (Sure you can bake them, and boil them, but it is also adding heat, I dunno, I am no scientist, but something happens….. So I say caution your anxiety with food labels, please, and let’s not throw all under the bus. Oh, and I will add, the plastic hose I use to water my herb garden had that EXACT same label “that this hose was made with chemicals known to the State of California to cause ….” we live in a toxic world, people. Not ONE thing is the sole blame. I just had to say my piece and I hate the idea of mob rules. Let’s all just educate ourselves.

    • Jennine says:

      Johanne, I <3 you!! Thank you for saying what I was thinking…..

    • alexandria says:

      I understand that we are all free to choose what we are able to eat. I posted this so that people can know what is going on within the food industry and to look at labels. I think you are missing one of the previous post on mcdonalds. I took a photo of what old mcdonalds looks like. IT didn’t decay over a year and half later and there wasn’t any mold. If you cooked a burger, and fries from organic meat and farms and left it out, there would be mold, decay and much more. That’s the problem with what is in the food. it’s not real food. Thus the reason for the label to warn people and make the aware.

      • Christopher says:

        alexandria: you are completely off base here. Any burger cooked in such a small portion patty once cooked well done will not decay or grow mold. It’s all about the moisture content of the item. If you would educate yourself you would learn that its water that allows the mold to grow and the items to decay, it is real food, its the exact same products you buy in the grocery store. They are even safer than you shopping in the grocery store, when was the last time YOU toured the factory your food was being made at? When was the last time you did your own safety checks on food coming into the grocery store or even your house? educate yourself before spouting off with your “organic farmed meats” bs, you know nothing.

  • michele says:

    its all bad for you. the end…..too lazy to cook and grow your own well then whatever happens to you happens to you. look around huge food industry then huge medical industry lmao if you think its safe to eat… away i say and get sick so they can try and fix you so you buy more crap to eat….

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