3 Sister's Event Recap!

Whitney (L) & Alexandria (R)

I never got a chance to post these but we want to thank each and everyone one of you we met at the 3 Sister’s event. It was a slice of heaven listening and also sharing with you all.

This weekend I am headed over to the Cocktails & Curls event and very excited! I know I will see lots of you all there and enjoy hearing some of your changes along with hair talk!  I  figured I would share some pictures and recap something we discussed

Pictures of the packed room!

Nutrition: Starts with YOU! Why be more concerned with what you put in your hair and not what you are putting in your body?

Fitness: No where to start? Walk 20mins a day and then bump it up each 3 to 4 week. Do this 3 to 5 times a week. Your lunch break would be great time to start.

Hair: Moisturize before working out to help with the increase in moisture loss.

Music: I listen to everything. I am not a good one to make a play list for people who are particular. Someone asked me what my playlist looks like. I will post about that within a few days

Education: Start being educated. There are tons of blogs out there but educate yourself first and supplement with the blogs and youtubers. We have/do and so should you.

Enjoy: From no working out and having to love natural hair to those who workout and have a perm, enjoy your hair and you. Take each day at a time and enjoy the small steps. Be positive!!

Oh and keep reading! We love to hear from you all!

Stylist Laura working her magic.. Oh yeah we had hair envy with her hair!

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