Happy Birthday Whitney!

From working together in corporate America to founding Sporty Afros, Whitney and I have a very close relationship.

Since today is her birthday and many of you are new to the Sporty Afros page,  I figured I would share a few things she has taught me… I guess you would call these Whitneyisms.

whitney baby fro


There is still a kid inside of us. Never lose it.




Always celebrate the good and bad times with friends.


Oklahoma City Naturals Happy Hour

We have to support each other – Girl Power!


Happy birthday whitney  (4)

Yes. You can be cute, fly triathlete.


Happy birthday whitney  (5)

Your image is the reflection in the mirror. Become who you want to see.




Always be ready for the camera. You never know who you might run in to.


Beyonce concert

 Beyonce Is Awesome!!! 


Happy bday whitney (1)

Stop and have some “Me” time… Repeat as needed.

Happy birthday whitney  (3)

Even when it’s cloudy outside and that’s how you feel, don’t let your outfit reflect that.


whitney birthday alex and alex


God places people and friends around you who will support you when you just can’t do it alone.


Happy birthday whitney  (6)

Happy birthday Whitney!


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