Save Cash and Eat Better With These 8 Tricks for Your Fruits and Veggies

Save Cash and Eat Better With These 8 Tricks for Your Fruits and Veggies

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Make your produce go further with these insider tricks.

Freeze lemon or lime juice in an ice cube tray

 During these times of abundance, save! Squeeze lemons or limes into the squares of an ice cube tray so you can use them for months to come—in sauces, soups, or drinks.

Isolate the trouble fruit

Fruits like apples, bananas, and peaches emit a gas called ethylene that will make your vegetables ripen more quickly, so store those fruits in their own area or container.

Line the bottom of the crisper drawer

Ever wonder why your parents put paper towels on the bottom of the crisper drawer? Well, it wasn’t just because they had a compulsion for lining drawers; it’s because paper towels absorb moisture that can cause veggies to go bad prematurely.

However, if you can’t be responsible about it, forget the crisper

The crisper is known by some as the graveyard of the refrigerator. Out of sight, out of mind, many pieces of produce—with so much potential!—have been placed in this drawer, only to wither and die. If this sounds familiar, forget your crisper and put your fruits and vegetables in produce baggies on shelves that are in your sightline so you can’t forget them.

Don’t be a fridge junkie

Different fruits and vegetables need different environments, and some thrive best at room temperature. So keep your avocados, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and sweet potatoes on the counter or in a drawer under it.

Know the secret formula for freezing herbs

Most recipes call for only a tablespoon or a few branches of fresh herbs, and then most of us watch the rest of the bunch go to waste. This is a sad process wherein we repeatedly promise the herbs we’ll find another dish for them, then we break our promise, and dump the forgotten bundle in the compost bin. But Susan Belsinger, culinary herbalist, wrote in the Washington Post that the best way she’s found to retain the flavor of herbs is to chop them up and mix them with some oil, so that it becomes an “aromatic paste,” which she then freezes, ostensibly in airtight plastic baggies. She recommends this for herbs used in baking, soups, and sauces, including pesto and salsa verde.

Learn carrot CPR

Resuscitate limp carrots by peeling them and then soaking them for a couple hours in ice water. They’ll soak up the fresh water and regain some snap.

Only wash what you’re eating

Resist the temptation to wash fruits and veggies before you stick them in the fridge. No loopholes! If you’re only eating a portion of berries or grapes, only wash what you need. The added moisture from washing invites mold and spoiling.

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  • Monisha says:

    Wow, great tips. Especially washing the fruit as needed. I usually wash my fruit with water and a hit of vinegar freezing it immediately afterwards. But this is good to know if I ever decided to keep some fruit in the fridge.

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