My Style While Running – Alexandria

Being cute while running for me is more about taking essential performance pieces and adding small statements with them. I have a very sporty workout look, yet functional pieces for my different workouts. Below are some of my picks of a great running outfit and my thoughts.
Essentials- Bra
So I must have a very sturdy bra for running and dancing. I can’t have th girls flying all over the place. This is one of my favorites as it acts as if I have on two bras but doesn’t cut off circulation.
I love these capris. I tend to wear a capri pant instead of shorts because 1) I dont like my knees and 2) they are great for all year around.
Women's Evo Camo Legging
These are very cool to me! I would totally wear these tights and throw on a cute creme colored tank and wedges to go for a quick dinner.
When my arms are in the best shape, and I am “tanning,” I love long tanks. They are great for wiping sweat off my face but also make me look leaner and taller.
Women's Northern Lights UA Tech™ T
If you noticed I am sticking with the basic blacks. However, this shirt jazzes up my running with a flare without trying. I can wear this with a cute off-white/ creme or black blazer and either some chuck taylor’s’ or cute wedges for a instant change.

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