Be Nice to Your Edges

So I have a hair confession. I broke off my edges!! I’m so sad. It was because I was being lazy and pulled my hair back into a tight pony puff everyday for months. My edges had enough and now they are broken and pitiful. I vow to care for my edges from now on. No more super tight pony puffs. I think I’m going to opt for a wash and go or protective styling. For me, the key is to find a cute protective style that I can wear in public and not look like a homeless person. One of my favorites is the Janelle Monae look..

Janelle Monae Hair

Janelle Monae Hair 3

 Janelle Monae Hair 2

Here is the video tutorial I used:


This is also a great style to protect your hair while working out. If you messed it up, all you would have to do is redo the front.


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