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Lately, I’ve been working on getting my fitness life together. Not that I wasn’t working out and eating healthy before, but I haven’t had a fitness goal in about a year. I’m working on something major, but I don’t want to talk about it yet until I get a few months into training. I want to make sure the crazy training schedule agrees with me long-term because it’s a serious time commitment. But, what I can talk about is my current diet. Honestly, its not that different from what I usually eat, it’s just more focused on helping my body perform its best.


Lemon Water

After I workout, I drink some hot lemon water as I get ready for work. Lemon water has some AWESOME benefits like boosting your immune system, aiding digestion, balancing PH, etc.

Next, I have two pieces of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with 3 eggs. I have to eat a filling breakfast or I’ll set myself up for binging later in the day.


I’ll have a protein shake as a snack. Right now, I do chocolate protein powder and almond milk. When I run out of that I’m going back to one of my favorites – Peaceful Planet Brown Rice Protein Powder or Vega Protein Powder. I’ll mix it with vanilla almond milk and some fruit to make a protein smoothie.


Spring Rolls - Sporty Afros - Header

For lunch I’ve been eating shrimp spring rolls.

When I get tired of those, I’ll get the grilled shrimp skewers from Zoe’s kitchen and a Greek salad.



…An ahi tuna salad …

Ahi Tuna Salad

…or the fish and veggie plate from Fadi’s.


I like having multiple healthy options for lunch because I get sick of eating the same thing every day!




If I’m still hungry after lunch, I’ll have another protien shake or carrots and hummus.



Tilapia, beans and rice

I’ll eat a piece of blackened tilapia with 1/2 cup of black beans and 1/2 cup of brown rice topped with some salsa. It’s really yummy and filling.


I stick to this diet Monday through Friday and something really similar on the weekends. Right now, I’m not doing cheat meals. The most cheating I’ve done is having a veggie burger. It’s been tough, but sticking to a balanced, protein-rich diet is key to me reaching my fitness goals.

I can’t wait to announce my fitness plan in the next month or so. I’ll have some amazing progress pics for you guys too!

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