The #SportyShred is OVER!

First Tri

Whoo hoo! The #SportyShred is over! If you stuck with us you completed 21 days of clean eating as well as  5 consistent workouts a week. How do you feel? Personally, I’m super proud of myself. There were times it got really tough. My biggest slip up was having a few more glasses of red wine than I should have, BUT I did stick to the diet and workout 100%! Now that the challenge is over, I’m going to stick to a 6 day a week clean eating diet and I’m about to start really kicking up my marathon training so it should be interesting. I will post my #SportyShred results later this week.

We will do the #SportyShred again soon with more detailed meal plans and workouts for you guys to follow. So get ready!

What was your biggest challenge on the #SportyShred?

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