Texas State Veggie Fair – Alex's Journey

Last week, I got a chance to hang out at the Texas State Veggie Fair. It was the 3rd year and like anything in Texas, it is getting bigger and better each year!



It was rather windy but I was able to meet up with Tawanna for the  3rd annual Texas Veggie State Fair. I also was able to bring my little brother along for the fun and to deplete my wallet too.


I got a chance to visits the black vegetarian society of Texas booth. Next to them was a kissing booth for kissing a bull (dog that is).



There were several companies with Eco-friendly clothes. Who says Eco-friendly clothing isn’t cute??!!! I simply adored this outfit.



The booth had a variety of clothes and very comfy tees.



Forget your traditional petting zoo, try a petting poms zoo! Poms are some of the cutest dogs I have seen.



I had to stay away from this table. I love pursues! !! See eco-friendly products aren’t all hippie after all.



I tasted Earth Balance’s new coconut peanut butter spread. Boy! I would love to cook with it and sample more of this product. It’s pretty good too!  Another great  find was seasoned seitan by Upton’s Naturals!! It was the best seitan I have tried. Upton’s Naturals can be found at Whole Foods.



There were cute vegan and vegetarian screen printed shirts but I forgot all about the t-shirts as I kept smelling vegetarian corn dogs across from their booth. I loved the corn dogs from tough cookie bakery.



It seems my brother enjoyed his corn dog as well! He got a lot of play time around the playgrounds and picnic area. The fair had a variety of entertainment for the kids. It kind of was like a Renaissance type of feel. That’s Tawanna over there in the right hand corner grubbing on some vegan tacos. ha!



If you didn’t know, my brother and I are cupcake lovers. Needless to say, we couldn’t share cupcakes from the wonderful Capitol City Bakery from Austin, Texas. The pumpkin cupcake was heaven!



Oh who loves Food Trucks? I do!




My favorite place were the row of food trucks. I was able to taste the famous tacos from Good Karma Kitchen truck. They are  AMAZING! I had the Asian styled tacos with a side of their homemade strawberry basil lemonade. Both were perfect in every way! Who says eating on the run and fast food has to be so unhealthy.


Overall, I really enjoyed going to the Texas State Veggie fair. I will be back next year and look forward to hanging out by the food trucks, enjoying the weather and learning more from the different non-profit organizations that are there. It’s always good to get out and taste a variety of foods.


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