Whitney's First Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is my first vegetarian Thanksgiving and it’s going to be ummm…interesting to say the least. I’m from a very typically southern black family and I know as soon as I pass over the turkey and utter the words, “I’m a vegetarian”, someone is going to say your a vege…what? Girl, you betta stop playin and have some of this turkey. For real. I can see it in my head.

It’s not that I’m afraid of being scrutinized or questioned for my choice to no longer eat meat, but its just going to be a little weird. BUT I’m going home armed!

The last time I traveled as a vegetarian it was a disaster. This time I’m bringing my staples home with me. I’m bringing my fresh apple, carrot and spinach juice , some fresh fruit to snack on and some of my vegetarian tortilla soup. I will have my car so I won’t be stuck somewhere with nothing to eat and no way to leave and get something.

I’m also going to make sure there are plenty of meat free sides for me to fill my plate with on Thanksgiving day. I plan on making the macaroni, broccoli cheese casserole, green beans and a big salad. I’ll also be partaking in my aunt’s collard greens and sweet potatoes. That should be enough to fill me up.

Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean that I’m throwing out all my healthy habits. I do plan on getting in a few quick 30 minute workouts this week. I’m doing a mix of weights, abs and kettle bell swings. Here are a few quick workouts you can do over the holidays to counteract all of those Thanksgiving goodies you’re about to scarf down.


Alex quick morning workout

Try the workout below, repeat 3 times and give it your all.


┬áJillian Michael’s workouts

She has tons of quick FREE workouts on You Tube, so there is no excuse.


There are also tons of free yoga workouts on You Tube as well.


Remember to have fun, eat your favorite foods and enjoy time with family, but don’t go overboard. I’m a firm believer in having your favorites, but try and limit the gluttonous overload to Thanksgiving day only and you should be good to go. Happy indulging!






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