Monisha's Minute: Rock N Roll New Orleans Recap (Part I: Race Expo)

With every huge race, there is a race expo. And by golly gee willickers does The Rock N Roll Series know how to put on a race expo. Check out my cool pics!

I’m ready to rock this marathon!

Over 20,000 people registered for the Rock N Roll Half and Full Marathon.

 So my friends and I were able to take advantage of the Saints Win discount when the Saint’s beat the Colts by 55 points. Competitor Group offered a $55 discount off their $90 registration fee for twenty four hours. We were able to sign up for the race for $38 (including tax). When I walked into the race expo and saw that poor guy sitting at the registration table, I felt kind of bad for him. It’s a huge difference between $38 and $150. Okay!!!

 Brooks Sports was on site offering free gait analysis. And boy was I excited about that!

Brad, the Brooks employee who conducted my gait analysis was a little excited too!

I wish this was my closest…


While I’m running on the treadmill, Brad is watching my stride on a flat screen.

So how cool is this? From this image, Brad pointed out to me that my ankles roll in due to me having low arches. I knew that but I didn’t know to what degree. From this image you can see my right ankle rolls in roughly 6 degrees, knocking my feet, ankle, and legs off the perfect 180 degrees. From this assessment, Brad was able to recommend which Brooks shoe that might work best for me.

I currently run in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12, which might I add are awesome. He also suggested I try out the Brooks Diad and the Pure Cadence.

Brooks Diad

Brooks Pure Cadence

I also visited a few vendors and met up with fellow members of the National Black Marathoners Association. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the expo. I highly encourage you to visit local race expos, even if you are not registered to run. There is a wellspring of knowledge and resources there.

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Love, Peace, and Sweat,

Monisha R.

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