Alex's Hair Confession & Angela Davis Afro



I reference Angela Davis in this post. If you do not know who Angela Davis is please the following links on her.

  • Wikipedia
  • Speak Out
  • Cliff Notes Version: Angela Davis was a 1970s political activist, 1st African-American Female on the FBI Most Wanted List and adored by her afro. Prior to visiting Cuba, Afros were banned. After her visit, blacks in Cuba began to wear them that the government had to legalize the hairstyle. Her afro signified resilience and strength among many and is still an icon for afros today.

My  Hair Confessions

I have had some issues with my hair for the past 2 -3 months. It won’t hold a two strand twist out style. As I was testing my newest product, Juicy Leave-In, the different textures on my head responded differently. The front of my hair was perfect! However, the back of my hair lost all the curls (decurled) after 2 hours. It was an interesting look that I had to hide into a ponytail. FYI: Juicy is the bomb! I still use it for my afro.

two strand twist out

two strand twist out

Yes, I  have tried Miss Jessie’s, Carlos Daughter, Eco Styler gel and a long list of other gels and holding creams. Since I am a triathlete my haircare regimen is different than the average natural chic. Two strand twist outs were becoming a complicated hassle and I had to think of another hair style.

Coils during my 5th triathlon

I had to make a decision- Do I use 2 separate products and twist out processes to achieve the look I wanted, or do something different completely?


The Decision

I believe the hair, like the body, talks to you if you just listen. My hair aka “The Mane” still talks to me daily. I was listening but I didn’t really hear what “The Mane” was telling me. I assumed it was telling me the same things it was 3- 6 months ago. While the basics are the same, my hair was telling me it had changed.

6 months ago my hair



My hair  was saying “enough is enough.” The Mane asked me, “Alex! Why are trying to force me to wear big curls when I am naturally coily?” I was trying to make my hair be something it was not.


The muffin top style

The muffin top style



The Revolution

I often make decisions based on what I feel is right for me. It’s kind of the reason I co-founded Sporty Afros. While everyone else was only (and still is sort of ) talking only about hair,  no one was talking about nutrition and working out along with it.  I felt like there was a need to bridge the gap between hair, workouts, nutrition, training, etc. This has been one of the best decisions I have made. Look at Sporty Afros now! Sorry, I digress. I say all of this to say that I’m not one to go along with the crowd and neither is my hair.

While everyone is mastering two strand twist and tryng every new product that hits stores, I decided I will go my own way. I will rock my fro and let my coils be FREE. 


Awhile ago, when my fro was just a wee 3 months old, I was given a compliment that it reminded someone of  Angela Davis afro in the 1970’s.  Resilience, strength with a hint of rebellion, I must say Angela and I  have more in common than just the fro.While Angela Davis was the 1970’s Soul Sista; I believe that I am the 2011 Sporty Sista- Keeping it real for the sista’s that workout.



Love, Peace and Fro…