Complete Treadmill Workout and Haircare

Try this workout if you are easily get bored on the treadmill. It is all about speed!

Treadmill Workout- NASCAR Style!

Warmup for or 5 to 10 mins (on any machine)

Workout on the Treadmill

  • Jog for 3 minutes
  • This should be a nice and easy jog, at a comfortable pace.
  • Run for 3 min run
  • This should be an actual run/sprint.
  • Repeat the jog/run session 3 times

Water Break – 5 minutes

After repeating the sessions 3 times, slowly jog and drink some water. Try not to stop!

Push it on the treadmill!

Repeat the session more 3 times

Cool Down

Jog/walk for 5 to 10 mins


Workout Essentials

  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • 1 hour  worth of music (Enough tunes for those who like to skip a lot of songs)
  • Magazine (Flip through it during your warmup/cool down sessions)
  • T-shirt pr a towel to cover the treadmill – that way you don’t get too preoccupied with watching the time tick down
  • Hat and or headband to hold your hair back
  • Confidence!


 Pre-Workout Haircare: 

  • Make sure your hair is pulled away from your face as this workout will make you sweat!
  • If you’re natural, you don’t need to do much to your hair since you’re working out inside. If your hair is pressed or relaxed try wrapping it or pin curling it and tying it down before your run. This helps keep frizziness to a minimum.


  • Add Sporty Afros G+ spray (to natural hair) to replenish your hair’s moisture
  • Put sweaty gym clothes in a plastic bag
  • Follow these tips for looking cute right after leaving the gym.
  • Always have protein within 30 minutes of  your workout. Try Shakeology, SunWarrior or a protein packed meal.


  • Cheryl says:

    Hello Ladies!

    I found your site through “BGLH”. I’m just getting familiar with your offerings but so far, I’m very interested in what you have to say! I really like the work out tip above and I’ll be trying it when I get to the gym tomorrow morning. Thanks.

    • Alexandria says:

      Great! Thanks so much for letting us know you found us through BGLH! We didn’t even know we were on there. We are here to help so if you have any questions just let us know. Email us or respond to this post. 🙂 Glad you are working out in the morning!

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