Affordable Natural-Looking Curly Wig

Looking for a protective style? Tired of your hair in general? Looking for something new? Check out my tutorial on how to take make generic curly wig from the beauty supply look natural.


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  • Joselin says:

    ChaileoOk, I definitely sporput people who wear their hair natural. I tried to wear it natural but I have a lot of hair and the only way I could wear it and have it look nice is if I cut it (my beautician told me this) but I love my hair so I could never do it. Plus, it’s a lot of work since my hair is really thick and it’s long My mom wears her hair natural and it’s beautiful and looks amazing on her. But I hate when people say to wear it any other way but natural is self-hating and it’s unnatural. So are white people who bleach their hair and curl it or straighten it everyday self-hating ? Or the term only apply to girls who wear weaves or perm their hair?i meant to say, it’s, well, unnatural Isn’t it unnatural for white girls to alter the look of their hair, too?White girls wear weaves too what do you call those clip-on things? That’s not real hair.A lot of white actresses wear weaves too!

    • Whitney says:

      True. Personally, I don’t think it’s self-hate to wear wigs and weaves. It’s all about why you’re wearing them.

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