Fitness Motivation

Lately, I haven’t been feeling very motivated to workout. I guess I feel like I look OK, not awesome but good enough. I feel like it’s sooo much work to obtain my ultimate fitness goal. For me, I would literally have to give up everything!  But yesterday I got my motivation back! I saw Pilar Sandars on The YBF and she looked AMAZING in her latest photshoot.


If Pilar looks this good after 3 kids, then I have no excuse! Ok, tomorrow I’m officially back on my low carb, high protein diet and I’m restarting my Insanity workouts. Although I really didnt like the routines,  I did lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks without even changing my diet.

If Pilar wasn’t enough motivation for you,  here are a few more fit divas that will make you to drop everything and head to the gym right now…





Mel B

Serena Williams

Kelly Rowland


*Picks up bag and runs to the gym*


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