Healthy Eating, Fitness and Hair Care Tips While Traveling

Last week, I went out of town to Las Angelos, California. I was very excited because I haven’t been to LA in almost a decade. I decided to take photos of my entire journey from start to finish in order to share how I kept training, looking good and healthy eating while traveling.


grit by brit and alexandria


Fitness Traveling Tips – FitFriends

Before heading off to LA, I got a chance to catchup with Brit of Grit By Brit at one of our favorite places – Starbucks! She made time for me after a sweaty turbo kick class while she was in town for a few days.

Brit’s current job demands a bit of traveling so chatting with her helped motivate me even more. I think it’s essential to surround yourself around people who can encourage you to stay healthy and fit no matter what. Whenever I am with @gritbybrit there we bless and encourage each other. This is true friendship -fitfriends.


traveling material

Fitness Traveling Tips – Airplane Clarity

While on a long flight, I completed my bible study and reviewed a few nutrition/fitness webinars. Traveling, especially for work, can be draining emotionally and mentally. Fitness Travel Tip: Use the plane as a time to for meditation and simple yoga. Bexlife has a variety of simple 4 minute meditation youtube videos available for FREE 99. Tell her I sent you!


room service double tree

Healthy Eating While Traveling –  Room Service 

My flight was extremely long. There were 4 delays!  A power walk in LAX airport and a cab ride later, I arrived at my hotel famished and exhausted. I quickly ordered room-service. When ordering room-service, stick to familiar items you have at home. Healthy Eating Tips While Traveling: Change an Unhealthy Menu Item to a Healthy One. If a particular meal is not healthy,  you can add or get rid of things to make it fit your dietary needs. Originally, this salad was well over 1500 calories due to the fried chicken strips, bacon and creamy dressing. Thanks to a few substitutes, I made it well under 500 calories and delicious!  You guys know I love salads too!


healthy breakfast options


Healthy Eating Tip While Traveling – Healthy Choices at National Chains

As I mentioned before, Starbucks is a destination of choice for me. When in doubt, I can stop at a Starbucks for a drink or snack. Although there was a Starbucks in the hotel, I walked to another one just half a mile away. Healthy Eating Tips While Traveling: Always know which national chains have healthy options you like so you can make a healthy choice easily.

Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Subway and Chipotle are my top 4 restaurants of choice when in doubt. I can find them on any side of town and all of them are reasonably priced.   If you follow me on instagram, you know I love the Starbucks protein bento boxes so I kept the same routine. I grabbed an ethos water to stay hydrated on the go and to my surprise they had fresh juices available too!


evolution fresh juice


You guys know how I love a fresh green juice in the morning so  I was  super excited to try the juice. I took a few photos of Evolution Fresh Juices. Although I enjoy juicing myself, sometimes I don’t have much time and this is a nice option. I enjoyed the Sweet Greens flavor.

la times show

Healthy Eating Tip  While Traveling – Pack For Snack Attacks

My co-worker picked me up and we headed to the LA Times Travel Show.  Although there was a buffet lunch for us, I should have packed some healthy snacks to have during the speaking sessions. Healthy and Fit Tip : Always bring a few small fruits (orange, apple, banana, etc)., snack bars and some sort of sugar free candy. 

Random: I took a photo of the plants in the garage. I thought it was cool that the entire parking garage was filled with live plants.


cnn travel piers morgan

Fitness Tip While Traveling – Busy Professionals

After traveling down the highway, I enjoyed the scenery on the infamous sunset blvd. The coolest thing of all was the CNN – LA Bureau tour we got to take. As a person in media, I got to see first hand how journalist, editors and other media professionals stayed healthy. Healthy Tip for Workers: Keep healthy snacks at your desk and get up and walk around!

alexandria hotel and running travel tips and healthy

Hair Care Tip While Traveling Tip – The Wig Backup Plan

I packed my running gear and headed for a beautiful run outside in the morning. It was gorgeous! I hardly needed music because I took in some amazing sights. I also saw the coolest thing – The Alexandria Hotel!  I hardly see my name on a billboard or in large print for that matter so I thought it was cool!  I’ll take this as a sign from God that I am/was literally on the right path.  Hair Care Tips for Traveling: Always have a backup plan for your hair. I took my trusty wig just in case my hair didn’t turn out right. This meant less stress in the morning and more time to eat, sleep or go for a run.


large breakfast buffet

Healthy Eating Tip While Traveling – Breakfast Buffets Choices

Hotels breakfast buffets can be calorie killer! From the unlimited strips of bacon to the DIY waffles, it’s hard to stay healthy.  Healthy Tip for Breakfast Buffets: Start small and finish large. Start off with smaller items such as tea and work to your heavier and larger food items such as pancakes. You will fill up on the smaller/healthier items and you wont have much room left for the bad stuff.   I had hot tea,  a cup of miso soup with a few pieces of onions and tofu, followed by 2/3 cup of fruit. I finished up with a egg white omelet loaded with veggies and a tea spoon of hot sauce. I grabbed a few pieces of fruit for a snack for later on in the the day.


roundup of tradeshow


Fitness Tip While Traveling Tip – Keep Moving

Keep it moving! Since I was at the LA Times #Travelshow, I made sure to walk around the entire show. From taking a look inside the cool mega bus to visiting the parking spot booth, I made sure to Keep My Body Moving, which is an essential Healthy Tip While Traveling.  Walking for 1 hour is much better than sitting at a desk all day.

While walking around the show, I learned how many destinations are catering to individuals who want to stay healthy during their vacations. From biggest loser resort to farm vacations, there are a variety of vacations where you can be  active, healthy and have a great time!   There was a lot to see at the show but the best booth was the one with  a fully stocked bar for attendees to purchase drinks. My dad always says…

thoughts by dad


Overall, I had a good time and learned a lot about myself and what it takes to stay healthy when I’m  traveling.  I hope these tips help you all stay healthy on your next trip!

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