Healthy Kitchen

You know we keep it real here on . One of my food weaknesses is junk food, sweets, in particular. So, in order to hold myself accountable  I don’t keep any junk food in my kitchen. Here are a few photos of what my kitchen looks like.



I keep all my organic and local produce out in a basket. My local honey sticks are in the basket as well. I love honey sticks because I can use them to combat my horrible seasonal allergies and they come in yummy flavors. My favorite is cinnamon honey.  This helps keep my sweet tooth in check.



On my window ledge, I keep a variety of “grab and go” items such as my  trail mix, protein powder and bars. I tend to have a stomach aches often so I keep S.Pellegrino on hand. It does the job of Sprite for a tummy ache but without unhealthy ingredients. I also have a habit of reusing glass jars. In this photo, I reused a spaghetti sauce jar to keep my organic cherry tomatoes for easy access.



This is probably my most unhealthy cabinet.  I typically keep items for guests here  along with and any grain items. Since, I love Whole Foods’ quick oats and organic sugar, I keep them in these reused glass jars. It’s eco-friendly and saves me money.



Here is my main cabinet. As you can tell, I love tea! Before you guys ask, yes that is table salt. I use it for my humidifier and anything else non-cooking related. I only cook with kosher or sea salt.



Here is my refrigerator. I try to keep it as organized as possible. The gallon jug on the top shelf is actually Holy Tea. I drink it daily to detox. Everything else is from farmers market and organic. I am trying to keep it that way.



Yep. I love wine. I keep it stocked and always have something to make some drinks for guest.



Here is my kitchen counter.  These are the items I cook with daily: crock pot, rice cooker/steamer, toaster oven, grill and Magic Bullet blender (not shown). I was making some vegan/vegetarian chili by the way.



Because I know you guys wanted to know what the chili looked like here is a close up of it. It is based off of Whitney’s recipe; however, I added my own flare. I don’t measure while cooking so I can’t give you guys this recipe word for word.


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