My Car Was Broken Into But a Reminder For All- Thieves are Lurking!

Safety is one of the biggest things we have to be focused on as we workout but also as women. Whitney wrote about safety while running outside, but sometimes we forget another key safety tip, which is traveling in our cars. From biking to to meeting for a group run, burglars and sex offenders are all around looking for that one opportunity. Unfortunately, I was a part of one of the “those” opportunities and my car was burglarized.

I left my gym bag after a long day (2hours in traffic!)  in the front seat of my car. Needless to say, thieves took most of my items for training and my beloved cd collection (PRINCE!!!). As I got myself together, the officer who made the report discussed about some safety tips within my area and in general. I realized I couldn’t be mad at them but just me having over $1500 worth of stuff in my car!! He was very nice (and cute yay! ) and even admit this was a reminder for him as well. Here are some of the things we discussed and reminders for you all.

1)      Stop leaving all of your stuff in the car. I know it’s hard but try to leave no more than $50 dollars worth of items at max and keep that in your trunk if possible.

2)      Do not leave items in plain view at all. I now only have a water bottle, swim suit (older one) and a towel in my car.

3)      Thieves are evolving and now are not only stealing items but also information. Those papers and copies of information that you keep in your car are just the perfect items they need to steal your identity.

4)      Rotate your music and always use the burned cds. You don’t really need more than 10 cds in your car at one time.

5)      Gym bags- Only on longer workout days should you use your larger gym bag. Try to alternate and also take it with you inside your office.

6)      Don’t leave your laptops in your trunk. Try to always take it with you where ever you go. I recall my boss having her car broken into and they knew that her laptop was in the trunk.

7)      Get renters insurance. This covers your items any where in case a burglary occurs. Car insurance does not cover personal items that are in the car.

8)      Switch up your routine. Thieves are smart. Try to alter when and where you park to offset them at times.

9)      Park in well lit areas and try to buddy up if possible when working out. Make sure to tell a person your workout routines in case something should happen.

10)   Always be alert and prepared. Thieves are quick for snatching. For example: taking a phone off your car, while you are looking inside of your car for your keys.

11)   Because I have had 3 mp3 players stolen from me (in counting), I am one for not investing too much in them now. Use your cell phone or listen to Pandora. If you have to have a mp3 player, try the cheaper shuffle for $50. It holds enough songs and quickly loads all your favorite songs. If this is stolen, it is much easier to replace than a $300 ipad or phone. They are always on ebay super cheap too!


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