Sporty Afros Q& A – Help My Hair Isn't Growing ?!!

Last week, we had a reader and facebook fan who inquired for some advice with her hair. Without giving away her identity, I will name her Ms. Frustrated. I thought her question was a good one and I wanted to share. 

I use to have a nice full thick head of hair as I was growing up. It’s been processed and I know it’s over processed now. I have stopped using chemicals since 2003. For some reason it seems as if my hair does not want to grow. Are there any suggestion you can make that will assist me in journey…I’m getting frustrated by the min.



Thanks Mrs. Frustrated 🙂 

I hear your concern and it’s a valid one. You are not alone as many women especially in the natural hair community want to know the answer to the same question. Without having a full consultation with “Ms. Frustrated” I offered this advice. Here are a few way to help grow hair.




Diet -It is true, you are what you eat. Stress, medication  and poor diet can plan a major role in the lack of hair growth. Making sure you are eating healthy and working out will help correct majority of these issues. Make sure you are eating an ample amount of green vegetables and variety of fruits and lean meats, which contain nutrients that help hair growth. A few foods that aid in hair growth are: Green leafy vegetables, eggs and egg whites, salmon and nuts like Brazilian and walnuts.



Healthy Ends – Keeping your ends healthy and split free is very important. Hair that is not breaking off faster than it’s growing will help retain length thus allowing your hair to grow. Make sure to seal your ends with oil and  keep them tucked away to protect them from damage.



Simple Haircare Routine – Lots of manipulation and harsh products can severely damage your hair. Keep it simple with basic moisturizing products and nourishing hair oils. We have a few products in our online store that specifically aid in this area to get your started. Make sure you incorporate protective styles such as wigs, box braids and hair installments (ie. weaves)  to give your a break.


Relax – Don’t focus solely on length but instead focus on healthy hair. Enjoy your current length no matter what style or texture you have. There are many styles for shorter and medium length naturals as well so I would embrace those. Make sure you utilize protective styles and hair extensions that may give you also some desired length along with a great protective style.
I hope that helps! Any other suggestions for Ms. Frustrated?


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