4 Hairstyles for Heat Damaged Natural Hair

Heat damage is like a cuss word in the natural hair community. We’ve all heard the horror stories of girls who grew their hair out for years, flat ironed it once and it never curled again. It’s so sad.

I never thought my hair would get heat damaged. I subjected it to pretty harsh abuse over the 20 years I wore a perm and it still grew long and healthy.  Last year, Alex and I went to New York to do some hair research. While we were there, I got a Dominican blowout at Angela’s in the bronx. The experience was great.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 1.38.55 PM

The stylist was super fast and my hair looked fantastic when she was done.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 1.39.10 PM

I should have known something was up when my hair didnt frizz one bit after walking around the city all day. When I washed it about a week later, I noticed that my curl pattern was a lot looser, but I didnt really think anything of it. I was still able to put a few rollers on the ends and make it look great.

IMG_5064 - edited

As time went on and my hair started trippin. That’s when I realized the Dominican blow out ruined my hair. I was devastated.

Now, my hair doesn’t curl the same. It’s curly at the roots (where the new growth is) and wavy/straight at the ends. It doesnt matter how much product I put in it, it doesnt look good.  I would just cut it, but I promised my fiancé that I would let my hair grow out for the wedding. So my hands are tied for the next 10 months. Here’s are 4 ways you can wear your heat damaged natural hair.






Braid outs



Roller sets







When I cut my hair, I want to go for a style like this. It’s so cute!



We’ll see how my heat damaged hair saga turns out. Stay tuned.


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