Lift Up Lunch

One of my dear friends is co-hosting an amazing event here in Dallas, aptly titled the Lift Up Lunch. It’s about women sharing and connecting about life. That’s it. It’s beautiful in it’s simplicity. I’ll be there and so should you. It’s Thursday, January 28 at Cafe Momentum and tickets are only $15.


Event Info

The first Lift Up Lunch – a community of love, humor, and support for the folk who juggle way too much in life – is coming in January 2016.

Join us at Cafe Momentum in Downtown Dallas, on Thursday, January 28. We will have author, philanthropist, attorney and women’s advocate Malia Litman join us as a speaker, we will share stories, and we will inspire each other.

It’s only $15 – an exceptional person has underwritten the additional cost, as she knows we not only deserve this, we need this.

So come eat, come talk, come laugh, and just be.

You deserve this.

There are only a few spots left. Buy a ticket for you and a friend. See you there.

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