7 Essential Health & Fitness Gadgets

Technology is stepping up the health and fitness game. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to find gadgets that fit your needs and your budget. Here are seven affordable health and fitness gadgets (from some new companies on the cutting edge) that can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Wireless Headphones


Every fitness enthusiast needs a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones. You know that horrible moment when your phone drops while you’re working out? All of a sudden, your headphones are yanked right out of your ears, as your phone makes potentially fatal contact with the ground. Avoid this scenario altogether with wireless headphones. Besides the my BEATS, which I love, I’ve heard a lot of good things Yurbuds LEAP for Women.

Interactive Water Bottle


By now we all understand that hydration is key, but it’s still difficult to get in those eight cups every day. Interactive water bottles cater to your personal hydration needs by tracking your consumption throughout the day and motivating and pacing you to reach your personal goal. They even sync to your smartphone and fitness tracker. I plan on purchasing the Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle.

Wearable Fitness Tracker


If you’ve haven’t jumped onto the fitness tracker bandwagon, now is the time. Wearable fitness trackers come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you wear it on your wrist as a watch or clip it to your belt, fitness trackers monitor your sleep, steps and calories burned. There are even some that monitor your light intake, posture and menstrual cycle. A noteworthy new comer on the scene is the Bellabeat Leaf.

Smart Scales



Let’s face it, we all dread getting on traditional scales because the number does’t always reflect all of the hard work we’ve put in. Enter the smart scale, like the Fitbit Aria Smart Scale. Not only does it track your weight, it tracks your body fat percentage which is a much better indication of your health and overall fitness progress.

Underwater MP3 Player


Swimming is an amazing full-body workout that’s low impact and stress-relieving all while improving flexibility and strength. The downside? Swimming laps for an hour can get a little boring. Use an underwater MP3 player, like the FINIS Neptune V2, to listen to your favorite jams while you swim your heart out.

Smartphone (Duh)


Your best fitness tracker might be right in your pocket or purse. Most smartphones like the, Samsung Galaxy S7 , have the ability to track steps and workouts without having to wear a tracker. Your smartphone acts as a coach and the perfect workout buddy to help you reach your fitness goals.

Health Tracker


If you’re looking to dive deeper into your health and get more in tune with your body, the Cue deep health tracker is what you need. It doesn’t just track fitness, it tracks overall healthy based on a sample of your saliva. On a molecular level, Cue tracks and monitors inflammation, vitamin D, fertility, influenza and testosterone levels. It alerts you of changes in your routine, diet and hormone levels bringing your attention to any potential health issues or just placing a red flag on an aspect of your health you should pay closer attention to. This thing is NUTS! Check it out.

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