Eating Healthy on the Go

Ok so Alex and I are serious Chipotle addicts, but Chipotle can be really unhealthy if you get everything they have in your burrito. In an effort to cut our calories we did a little google search and came across This site is amazing! It counts your calories for everything you get at Chipotle. Check out my before and after calorie intake!

I mean 1700 calories to 560 calories, although it’s high in fat, it’s good fat from the guacamole and the chicken (and a little bad from the cheese lol). I don’t have this every week, but it does satisfy my Chipotle craving (in a pretty healthy way) when it hits me.

Here is Alex’s before and after.

1170 calories to 573 calories, that’s huge! If you are a Chipotle fanatic on a diet you MUST visit this site!

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