Kwanzaa Fest Beat Obesity 5k Walk/Run Recap

We loved meeting several different people at the Kwanzaa fest and 5k run. Here are a few photos from the race.

I took this photo and had a Monisha “moment.” ha! So here is my “Runners Revelation.”

Sometimes you will finish exactly where your race began. The difference is the experience and  journey that will change you. 

Everyone is trying to stay warm. It was so cold!

Alex and Whitney with Tony Reed.

Tony is the President of National Black Marathoners Association and 1st Black person to run a marathon on every continent.

Tony and his wife Deborah, She is also a triathlete!  They both look so YOUNG!!!

You know the Sporty Afros crew! Oh and that is not a fanny pack! It is my spi belt. I wanted a colorful one 🙂

My friend Tanisha came out to run! Yay!! She did awesome!

The winner!! Monisha came prepared to run! Love the running gloves!


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