Stuck Inside the House? You Can Still Workout


Fall is here, which means cooler temperatures, hurricane season and the start of the “weight gaining season.” Personally, I fall into a bad habit of starting to gain weight around this time as well. I tend to gain about 10 to 15 pounds. I am keeping it real y’all! No lie!  Between cuddling, movies, comfort food, hot chocolate and staying inside in my “fat girl sweats” . Its easy to pack on the extra pounds.

This season, I am determined not to gain weight. Since the cold weather tends to keep me inside at times, I am making a backup plan for workouts at the house. For these days, I found a few simple workouts to do when you are stuck inside the house.

Workout You Can Do At Home


Get your stretch on: unroll your mat and practice yoga. An hour and 20 minutes of light yoga burns 315 calories.


Pop in your favorite cardio DVD such as Bob Harper’s Ultimate Cardio Body or Tracy Anderson’s Cardio Dance
; you’ll burn 310 calories with 45 minutes of high-impact dancing or aerobics.(We train with beachbody products fyi. We are doing insanity and p90x)


Jump rope: it doesn’t take much. In just over 30 minutes you’ll burn 305 calories. Pass the time by jumping rope in front of your favorite TV show.


Walk up and down the stairs: not only will you strengthen your heart and tone your legs and booty, but just under an hour of doing the stairs in your house burns 313 calories.


Grab your dumbbells: you’ll have to do a lot of bicep curls and push-ups, but after an hour and 45 minutes, you’ll burn 310 calories.


Hit the machines: if you haven’t lost power and you have a treadmill or elliptical at home (lucky you!), go for a run. At a pace of 10 minutes per mile, you’ll burn 300 calories in just over 30 minutes.