3 Makeup Products You Can Wear During a Workout

Generally, wearing makeup during your workout is a major no no. My old excuse for wearing a full face of makeup to the gym used to be that I didn’t want to workout at the gym looking a raggedy mess (which is still valid), but wearing makeup during your sweat session can seriously clog your pores and cause nasty breakouts.

I would be full of it if I told you to not be concerned about looking fab even when you’re at the gym. So here are 3 makeup products you can wear to while working out with minimal impact on your skin.

Tinted Moisturizer 


If your face is a good 3 shades lighter than the rest of your body like me,  then tinted moisturizer is your BEST FRIEND. Put on a bit to even you out and go about your workout. Maybelline has great shades for women of color.



Personally, I sweat way too much to wear mascara during my workouts but some girls love the finished look a bit of jet black waterproof mascara gives. It also helps when you’re trying to bat your lashes at the cutie on the next treadmill over.

Tinted lip balm 



Ashy, crusty lips are never ok. A slightly pink tined lip balm will keep you looking cute as you get your sweat on.


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