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No, I’m not referring to Martin Lawrence’s comedy stand up.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of running with one of my childhood friends, Stephanie. We ran a little over 5 ½ miles. During our run we had awesome girl talk, God talk and basic healthy chatter. I also noticed a few other groups of folks. There were some pairs and a few packs. The size of the groups varied but one thing was similar, they were all having a great Saturday morning conversations.

It got me to thinking about the great conversations I’ve had with people while running. Granted, I love love love my solo runs when I get to just tune out everything and really focus on the Lord. But I also find joy in running and talking. So in this week’s Monisha’s Minute, I decided to highlight some people I have had some memorable walks/runs with.



Stephanie and I met in grade school while spending hours on end at the South Dallas Girls Inc. We actually didn’t become buds until our college days in New Orleans, LA. Both Stephanie and I are new to the distance running community. Most of our conversations consist of us talking about newly learned tips related to health and wellness.  We also have great talks about the good old free lunch program days of our youth and the not so free lunch days of our adulthood. Hahaha!

Laura (L) and Monisha


Laura  (Far Left)

Laura and I met while volunteering for Beloved Ministries, a Christian based outreach program for homeless women. She ran cross-country for Dallas Baptist University while volunteering as a running coach for Team Beloved. During the summer of 2011, I remember us running at 6:30 AM and it being 90 degrees. Running in sweltering heat is tough. But chatting with Laura made it go by faster.

Moe -N- Whitney


So far I have run in two races with Alex and Whitney. We usually run at three different paces. But I recently had the pleasure of running along side Whitney at the 2011 Kwanzaa Beat Obesity 5K. Although we kept a mellow pace, our convo was very upbeat. We talked business, beauty and growing up as a Black skinny girl in the South. I couldn’t believe how many similar childhood stories we had! I’m still laughing at some.


Beverly is the director of Beloved Ministries. She participated in the walks and runs coached by Laura and myself. During our running sessions she would share her perspective on life and what a beautiful one it is! She can talk about something as simple as rain and move me to tears.  She’s probably going to get me for posting this picture of us. It was the only one I could find of just the two of us Bev!



Pam is one of the participants of Beloved Ministries. After walking with her at one of our training sessions, I looked forward to seeing her each week. This lady’s testimony wowed my socks made my life situation look like nothingness. Her assertive tone always woke me up in the morning too. That’s for sure!

The Kids

One of the Beloved Ministries participants would sometimes bring her daughters to our training sessions during the summer. The first day I met them I had them walk 1 ½ miles and jog a little under a ¼ mile with me. One of them told me “You work us too hard. I’m not coming back.” I said “That’s fine. We’re in a free country. But don’t eat my snacks if you’re not going to work out.” I had snacks that day. I didn’t see her for about two or three weeks. Then one day I pulled up and she was there ready to walk/run. I said with a slick voice “Oh, did your mom make you come? I don’t have any snacks today.” She said “No, I told my mom I wanted to see ‘Ms. Moesha.’” Foot in my mouth…egg on my face.

The Kids ended up running the 5 mile course at the Dallas 13.1 race along with other members of Team Beloved. I ran the 13.1 course. Guess who was cheering me on at the finish line? The Kids! Yay!



I have to admit, that in 2011 I have had more great conversations over trails and pavement than I have had over cups of coffee. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I don’t drink coffee. LOL. But it also has something to do with the fact that running time can also double as good conversation time.

Love, Peace and Sweat

Monisha R.


Monisha is the author of Runner’s Revelations: How Running Changed My Walk. To learn more about Monisha, her book, and her mission, please visit

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