Stay Motivated To Workout During Winter Months

Currently in Dallas, the weather has been between 60 and 70 degrees. Many of my friends are very envious that I get to wear flip flops in mid-January. *Evil laugh!!!* The nice weather wont stick around too long as the forecast predicts a 20 to 30 degree dip in the average temperature soon. There is something about cold weather makes you want to stay inside and eat comfort food…

Here are a few ways to make sure you stay motivated to workout during the winter months.

Keep Your Long Term Goals Visible

If your major fitness goals are some six to ten months away, it is easy to skip a workout when the weather is less than balmy. There is a feeling that you have plenty of time. Unfortunately, before you know it one workout turns into two or maybe two each week. Time slips away and suddenly you’re only 12 weeks out from your event and in a major panic about fitness.

  • If you keep your long term goals visible, posted on your refrigerator or office wall, it is easier to get out the door on a 30-degree day.
  • Plant the thought seed: “I’m going out because I want to give myself the best possible shot at achieving my goals next season.”

Have Some Short Term Goals

Write down some weekly and monthly goals. It is easier to get out the door if some of your goals have looming deadlines. It is best if these short term goals contribute to the success of your long term goals.

Recruit Friends Who Have the Same Goals

Misery loves company and it makes for good stories. If you can find friends who have the same goals as you do, it makes toughing out cold conditions more fun.

Be Creative

Maybe you can’t go for a two-hour ride, but can you hike or go for a long walk instead? How about one hour outside and one hour inside? Have you considered renting equipment and trying a new sport? Look for ways to exercise outside.

Consider That You Are Able

Certainly you know at least one person that is not able to exercise for whatever reason. Perhaps the person you know has an illness or an injury. You have the health and ability to get outside and move. Never take this privilege for granted. Get out the door and be grateful for your health.

Try Something Different

Have you ever just felt like you were in a rut with a workout or maybe even your hair style Try switching up your normal yoga or Pilates class for Bikram yoga class. Are you always wearing your hair straight, try a experitmenting with a cute affordable curly wig. Changing your routine or hair style might give you an extra  boost of confidence, which in turn will push you further on your goals.

Ask Yourself How You Will Feel Tomorrow

If you decide not to exercise outside today and instead choose to do nothing, how will you feel tomorrow? Will you feel good about yourself? If you do head outside in cold weather, will you feel proud that you did something rather than nothing, even if the workout was shortened? Always take actions that make you feel good.

Seek Inspiration in Others

There are inspiring people everywhere, if you take the time to notice. It might be the lone soul on the road going for a run while you’re in your car, or the person that commutes by bicycle in a snowy state. I can guarantee that no matter the outdoor temperature, someone is out there having fun and taking one more step towards successfully reaching a personal goal. That someone might be inspiring others.

You can be that person.

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