Did You See Sporty Afros on The CW33?

Sporty Afros sat down with Giselle, a CW news reporter, to discuss nutrition, fitness and workout hair solutions. Thank you to all our supporters and those who caught the story on TV.  If you missed the news, you can watch it here.


Thank you so much Giselle for hanging out with us!

If you  live in the DFW area, you can also see us this Sunday at the 3 Sisters Hair and Fashion Expo.

Interview Lessons:

This was our first on camera interview and we learned a few valuable lessons.

Lesson #1

Practice what you’re going to say on camera before you go to the interview including your mannerisms and hand gestures.

Lesson #2

Don’t do anything on camera that you don’t want shown in the final edit i.e. goofing off and running like an idiot. of all the footage they had of us running they would choose that clip. Lesson learned. It’s still pretty funny though.