Hot Chocolate 15K/5K Race In Dallas

This past weekend, we had a blast at the inaugural Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Race.  Here is part 1 of the Hot Chocolate Race, which was the expo and packet pickup.


Hot Chocolate Dallas Expo



They were really organized! I learned over 10,000 people registered for the event! Whoa!



Race Bib! Ready to Go!!


Mhmm I wonder what’s behind the curtains…



This tall fountain was on display for all to see and to win. I could just imagine the chocolate flowing out of it! mhmmmm


Moe taking a photo with the lovely volunteer who handed out chocolate!


I got my Chocolate! Mhmmmmm


Moe is ready for the chocolate!!


Packet Pickup time!


Uhoh.. It seems that the jacket was a little bit to small. .. Good thing they had a “jacket swap” section.


Y’all not ready for the guns!


Here is the jacket swap section. The line actually shrunk right before I took this photo.


Yes! This is much better! Whewwww

By the way, have you noticed my hair has grown?!

As Moe and I “shopped” around the expo, I found these shorts. Apparently, someone’s thigh is the size of my arm!!!

I think these Nike leggings are very cute! I learned that these Nike Swift Capris are a must have if you are running outside. The additional layers highlighted in pink, help keep blood circulating and which keeps legs warmer.  I saw alot runners with various versions of these tights on at the race too.  (On sale for $80.00)

A very PROUD Nike jacket. It cost ….. $300.00.. Yes!!

I can’t lie, I got excited seeing a tri suit there! Moe was full of questions and I was full of answers as we looked a triathlon clothing.

I loved this jacket/shirt. Perfect for the cold weather, warm and the material was amazing! The color is very “sporty chic.”

I soooo want these shoes! Aren’t they cool!?!


Taking a moment to pick up some Gu chomps at the RunOn table. You guys know we love some RunOn!

Yay! Nuun was there. If you haven’t tried this stuff, you have too! I love it and have used it for the past year in all of my races and workouts.

Why yes, she has her hot chocolate with a side of Chocolate. *Pinky out!*

I love chocolate!

I will dance for some chocolate….

I think the RV sums it up for why I signed up for this race. Mhmmm Chocolate!

I will continue with part 2 tomorrow.


I have a feeling someone will ask me about my necklace, so I took a photo of it.

James Avery cross-  2002 Graduation gift

Heart Charm- God sent this to me after I broke up with my ex of 6 years and my favorite heart necklace was stolen. Seriously! I found it on the ground. No one claimed it and I tried find the owner of it.

Tri Charm- My 2012 new valentines gift to myself. It is handmade by Jessica’s Gift. I love the play on the words. She also has lots of other charms/necklaces for those of you who are swimmers, runners, cyclist or just love cute charms.


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