Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Dallas Race Details Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the Hot Chocolate Race in Dallas. If you missed part one, you can review what happened by going to it here. This section goes over what happened at the race- The Good, The Bad and The Chocolate!

Whitney was able to finish the race but unfortunately I wasn’t. Read below to see what happened.



Yes, you read this right! The weather actually dropped to the 20s so it felt much colder. The race Medical Director ended up advising all runners who didn’t run at least a 12min mile to switch to the 5k race to limit cold exposure and avoid hypothermia. Yikes!



We were ready as can be with our layers!

The fab sporty chics was ready to get this 15k over with. (In order: Whitney, Alex and Tulani. )

Tulani is the assistant manager for RunOn and a fab chic overall. Don’t you just love her outfit?!


At the first water station I got to see lots of volunteers from Black Girl Run- Dallas Chapter. I was so glad to see them!!


I made it to the 5k mark but had to pull out the race. I couldn’t breathe at all. Sadly, I learned I had developed  Sport Asthma:-(

Without going into great details about sports asthma, the bottom line is that at this time I cannot run out in very cold weather.

I was so disappointed and very sad you guys. Moe had to talk me out of not running anymore. (Thank you Coach Moe)

The development of sports asthma is all new to me but I will not let this stop me!! 



I met up with the girls at the finish line after having to take the van back to the expo.

I ended up jogging the last .3 miles with them to cross the finish line.

I chatted with Whitney on how I wasn’t able to finish the race due to not being able to breath.

After the depressing news to her, I remembered it was time for chocolate! My spirits were suddenly lifted!

Remember Heather, one of our Sporty Spotlights who ran her first 5k in October? Well she is officially one of those crazy people who run in the cold weather (and for chocolate).  Whitney ran along side of her the entire way as she finished her fist 15k!

BTW: Heather is the photographer who did our photoshoot. Yes, we rub off on folks!



Here is our plate full of “food” ready to be marinated with chocolate.  The apples were my favorite!



OMG! This must be a little bit of what heaven has to offer!


Whitney is a very happy person! Who wouldn’t be surrounded by lots of chocolate?!

Hot chocolate for the runners 1st 15k!

Note: When having this much chocolate after a race, make sure to eat some real food afterwards.

Otherwise, you will be sick from the sugar rush. 

By day, Alexandria is a Media Relations Manager where she is a go-to resource for travel media worldwide. By night and phone, she is the Co-Founder of Sporty Alexandria has completed numerous endurance races, a triathlete and featured in countless media such as USAT Magazine, JET, Essence and Fox Sports. She is speaker, blogger, foodie and avid Dallas Cowboys fan.


  1. Man that looks like a fun race!! Sorry you didn’t get to finish. Before I started running with a scarf around my mouth, my lungs and nostrils would be burning in the cold! Probably not sports asthma but it made it difficult to breath!!!

  2. Chafing dishes of chocolate!? I’m salivating…

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