I Am Tired of the Same Gym – Ways to Switch It Up

Last year, I practically lived in the  gym. I loved sweating and pumping iron as I trained my way to my 5th triathlon. It was worth every penny of what I paid for it too.

However, for some reason, the past few months I drag myself into the gym. Yesterday, I wanted to shoot myself as I was running on the treadmill. I was so tired of it! Soooo very TIRED of the stupid gym!

Don’t get me wrong, I love going with my fit friends and to the Turbo Kick classes, but I realized I have been a member of 24 hour fitness gym for four  years and I am simply burned out. (They also went up on their membership fees and they get a major side eye from me.)

While chatting with a friend, I wrote down some fitness solutions for gym burn out.

Tired of the Same Gym? –  Ways to Switch It Up

Change locations – Sometimes going to a different location of your gym helps. Instead of going to the gym by your house, try going to one 10-15 minutes from your house or closer to your  job.


Change gyms – With most month-to-month membership, you can pause or cancel at anytime. Switching up gyms can give you access to other exercise classes or equipment you might find interest in. Here in Dallas, I found some very unique out of the box type of gyms.

Psycho Gym-  Psycho Gym’s workouts are constantly changing every day. You will never be bored doing the same old workout. Yelling, Dropping Weights, Sweating are practically the norm. Shoes are optional.

Cross Fit-Cross fit takes the boring gym equipment and turns them into a sweat pouring fitness workout. There are cross fit challenges and “olympics” events too!

Title Boxing – I watch members weekly go in dry and come out pouring wet. Classes at Title Boxing eat Billy Blanks’ 1990s Tae Bo dvds for breakfast.



Stay At Home – There are many in-home workout programs such as Insanity and TurboFire. If you have a Roku box, there are tons of channels dedicated to uploading daily workouts. I can’t wait to try Grit By Brit’s DVD program.

App It – I found out P90x has a the entire program on both my phone and ipod. There are a lot of workout apps that are under $10 if not free. Nike Training App get’s rave reviews and praises. It’s also free 99!


Monthly Tester- I  realized every month there is a groupon or living social deal for some sort of fitness membership, class or program. Instead of joining a gym, buy one each month in your city.This is a great way to add variety to your fitness experience but stay within your budget.

After looking over some of my options, I am going to do the following

1) Say good-bye to 24 Hour Fitneess

2) Increase my outside runs, especially in the cooler weather!

3) Buy a groupon for  fitness class I haven’t taken. 

Update: I signed up to take bikram yoga for less than $30 buck. I have 20 classes in this deal so I can take 1-2 classes a week. This normally would cost almost $200! Sweetness!  Be on the lookout  for some workout haircare solutions for yoga!

4) Workout with a friend weekly or find a at-home program that makes you sweat! No sissy home workouts!

What do you guys do when you get bored of working out at the gym?


  • Evie says:

    I was feeling the same way and was dragging myself to the gym. I decided to switch it up by trying Insanity…well I only lasted 4 days, and after the 4 days I was dying to go back to the “boring” gym. I’m just not physically ready to handle the Insanity program. What I’ve decided to do was only go to the gym for cardio 4-5 days and the other 2-3 days work out at home using Jari Love DVD’s. I have dumbbells and step bench and that’s all you need for “Get Ripped Lean and Slim”. I’m planning on buying a couple more DVD’s from the Get Ripped series.

    • Alexandria says:

      Ha! Insanity is for the insane indeed LOL That sounds like an awesome series and plan. I never heard of Jari Love so I will check it out.

  • KDT says:

    I truly understand and can attest to your sentiments… What I do enjoy about 24HR Fitness is I can go to different locations! Unfortunately, there is no other 24HR Fitness I frequent that has the best instructors (Zumba & Body Pump) not to mention my fit friends! I also attend special Zumba events. Not to mention have a groupon/living social voucher for every month to last me until the end of this year that will allow me switch up my workout regimen with a variety (Pole Fitness, Bootcamp, Boxing, Trampoline Bootcamp, etc.)!

  • Larue Wehrle says:

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