Miss Jessie's Product Review Part 2 – The Solution

Yesterday, I posted the product review for Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. Here is the solution I came up in response to my hair catastrophe since the product did not work for my hair texture.


I did a quick twist updo. I twisted my hair and pinned it up. Thirteen bobby pins later- I had something I could leave the house with. What you think?

Side note: Yes, I know I have really big cheeks. No, you can not pinch them hahahaha…

I kept this hair style for an entire week and I loved it! It works well with working out too. The bobby pins were bothering me by mid week, so I took out the bobby pins and put my hair in ponytail instead while working out.

My current training is mostly running Ss I started doing hot oil treatments when I run outside. The heat and humidity from working simulate sitting under a dryer. My hair loves it! When ever I run, I twist my hair and add some Sporty Afros Ayurvedic Oil to my scalp and through out my hair. Then, I put on a plastic cap and I throw my baseball cap over that (While running, I love wearing a hat. It’s been a habit since my first race) The hot oil treatment makes my twists super silky and smooth. Note: This can be done for any hair style and texture.



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