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Thanks everyone for the overwhelming response we received yesterday on Monisha’s post about the Gabby Douglas hair controversy. There was a very spirited debated in our comments section! Most people supported the opinion of the article. Hair is not more important than health! Honestly, I don’t understand what the big deal was about Gabby’s  hair. She wore a freaking pony tail. Sure it could have looked better….if she was going to an event or something. She was tumbling and sweating all day performing her events. Give the girl a break!

Here at Sporty Afros we PREACH the health over hair gospel. *Cue organ music*

Now, don’t get us wrong, that doesn’t mean to go out looking any kind of way, but here we provide workout hair care solutions. That’s what were all about! Ladies, please don’t let your hair stand in the way of you becoming healthy. Check out the Sporty Afros Store to snag our hair products specifically formulated for active black women. Use product code SPORTYAFROS and get 10% off your entire purchase.


What kind of workout do you do? What do you do with your hair before and after? Check out some of our previous posts about how to care for your hair when participating in specific kinds of workouts.


Sporty Afros’ Workout Hair Care Solutions

How to Care for Pressed Hair While Working Out

Pin Curls

Use bobby pins, a brush and a little argon or ayurvedic oil to pin curl your hair in big chunks.
Then, wrap silk scarf over your hair and workout. Let it dry completely before taking it down.

French Braids

Utilize this hairstyle a few days before it’s time to wash your hair. At night, French braid your hair in two-to-four sections using a light styling product. After your workout, let your hair dry completely before taking the braids down to avoid frizziness.

*Tip* The longer you leave the braids in, the better your style will look.


For intense workout days, spend a few bucks and invest in a natural looking full or half wig to ensure a perfect presentable hairstyle after a serious sweat session in less than 5 minutes. Make sure to pick a color and texture that matches your real hair, this ensures a natural look. For a detailed wig tutorial click here

Ponytail to Bun

A ponytail is a quick workout style but it’s often not very cute post-workout. Using a little of your favorite nourishing oil, twist your ponytail around and arrange it in a bun. After working out let your hair dry completely then take down the ponytail and your hair should have a nice wave to it. Here are a few tips for this style:

–      Invest in quality ponytail holder as cheaper ones may break your hair
–      Place sweatband on your hairline to help absorb sweat and keep your edges flat

Hair too short for a ponytail?

–      Try using bobby pins to pull it back out of your face
–      Separate your hair it into 2 or 3 buns around your head instead

Embrace the Poof

I hate to say it but the longer you want to keep your press, the poofier your hair is going to get. You have NATURAL hair, so embrace it and show it off with a cute poofy ponytail.


Swimming Workout Hair Care


Here are the links mentioned in the video: 

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Cycling Workout Hair Care


Before you workout

  • Natural haired ladies, make sure you spray your hair with a moisturizing spray and keep it  braided, twisted or pulled back to keep the sun from drying it out.
  • Permed and transitioning ladies, check out these tips about what to do with your hair before you workout.
  • Tip for Natural and Permed Ladies: Use this time to do a hot oil treatment! (Permed ladies be sure to do this on a wash day). Put a few tablespoons of your favorite oil on your hair and scalp, pull it back and put on a plastic shower cap. Then, wrap your head with your favorite scarf and put on your helmet. Since you’re outside, the heat you generate from working out will gently warm the oil on your head, allowing it to better penetrate your hair.
  • Here are few other safety tips and rules to follow before you head out on the pavement.

After You Workout

  • If you did a hot oil treatment and you have a perm, you’ll want to wash and condition your hair and style as usual. If you’re natural you can just co-wash (wash with conditioner) and style as usual.
  • Permed and Transitioning ladies here are a few more tips about how to care for your hair after a workout.
  • If you didn’t complete the hot oil treatment and you have natural hair, be sure rehydrate your hair with G+ Spray.
  • Hair Tip: Use bobby pins to move sweaty hair out of your face. Bobby pins can are perfect for a quick, effortless style no matter what your hair texture.  Check out this post for a cute, quick updo using bobby pins.

Running Workout Hair Care 

Pre-Workout Haircare: 

  • Make sure your hair is pulled away from your face as this workout will make you sweat!
  • If you’re natural, you don’t need to do much to your hair since you’re working out inside. If your hair is pressed or relaxed try wrapping it or pin curling it and tying it down before your run. This helps keep frizziness to a minimum.



Alex and I created Sporty Afros to be a resource and act as a support community for ladies trying to live healthy active lifestyles. We’re here to help! Have questions or comments? Hit us up –



  • Treasure says:

    Working out in the summer with pressed hair proved to be a NIGHTMARE for me! Basically I do a high puff, put on a silk scarf and go for it. If my hair is braided or twisted, same thing – especially flat braids or twists. This is really no different than when I was relaxed. I LOVE that I can wash or mist my hair more often now – such an advantage to have natural hair!

  • Bernadette says:

    My hair is in 2strand twists most of the time. So, I have generally have no problem when working out. I even sport a hat. Although, after a week of working out — my hair is a sweaty mess.

    Water is my best friend, both to rinse the hair and to use before a leave-in conditioner.

    Protective hairstyles come in handy for many reasons!

  • Whitney says:

    Thanks for your feedback ladies!

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