New Shoes For the New Year

Last week, Monisha, Whitney and I attended the BGR DFW mixer at RunOn.  Since Monisha is one of the Dallas Ambassadors, she invited us out to meet other BGR members. Needless to say we had a blast! There was a great turn out and we got to chat with so many women from the area.

If you didn’t know, I am a huge fan  of RunOn for over 6 years, its one of my favorite stores to purchase all of my running gear. Last year, I wrote about how to find proper running shoes and why purchasing running shoes from specialty stores like RunOn is so important.

By the way, RunOn also has great running programs too! If you are thinking about signing up for one you won’t regret it. I personally know Lamar who is a RunOn running coach.His leadership, knowledge and personality make the program exceptional and his support is priceless! But, I digress.

My Relationship with Asics

For the past 7 years, I have worn Asics running shoes. For the past 3 years, I have run in Asics Kayanos. I loved them until last year while I was training for the half marathon. For some reason, by the 4th mile of my run, my pinky toe was going slightly numb.  On a random day, I accidentally ran in my New Balance 890 shoes. By mile 5, I did not experience any issues so I assumed the numbness was due to the shoe. Needless to say, I continued to run in the New Balance 890’s.

Education From RunOn

While at the mixer, I decided to chat with the assistant manager,  Tulani,  of the Mockingbird location about my change in my shoes. She was amazing oh she’s fly too! *three snaps. We talked in depth about the source of my “numbing” toe issue as well as the structure of the New Balance 890 and Asics Kayano shoes.

Kayano verse 890

The difference in the Kayano and 890 is huge! The Kayano is known for its structure and support, while the 890 is neutral and extremely light. I pronate therefore I truly need a structured, supportive shoe.

While looking at the difference in the two shoes, I learned I had become a toe striker! I couldn’t believe it!! Last year, I was working on not being a heel striker and somehow the combination in the change of my shoes, training and increase in distance resulted in me becoming a toe striker. Ha!

The Decision

Since, I am now a new toe striker, this altered my choice in shoes. With this knowledge, I had a choice. I could purchase a shoe that would accommodate me being a toe striker but did not offer the structure and support I truly need; OR purchase good ol’  faithful kayanos and retrain my body.

I must say, these “accommodating toe striker” shoes looked much cooler . However, I remembered Monisha’s post (and she kindly reminded me too in person lol) function over fashion. So what did I do?

I ended up going back to good old faithful – Kayano.  The Kayano shoes are the top shoes in the picture above.

A Sock Makes a Difference

The following morning, I took my new shoes for a test run. I ran almost 6 miles in the Kayannos.  However, by mile 3, my toes begin to numb up again!! Frustrated with the numbing sensation, I stopped and took off my sock and ran back home. As I ran back home, the numbness stopped! It was the socks that were causing the issue not the shoes.

For 2012, when I run, I need to have a thinner sock on my right foot than I do with my left. It sounds crazy but it works. A runner’s gotta do what a runner’s gotta do!  I am now training for the Hot Chocolate 15k.



The other shoes you see in the photo are Asics Gel Nerve 33.  They were sold to me at Lady Footlocker as cross trainers but are not. I did not research, which is my fault. I refuse to waste my money and so I am using them on lighter runs and on certain cross training days. They aren’t too bad but all of the pink shoes is a little bit of over kill for me….


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