Product Review- Aphogee Protein Treatment

I admit I am really bad about doing my protein treatments. I barely remember the last time I have done one!!! Whitney is pretty regular about doing her treatments so I figured I better take it up a notch or two. At Sally’s, Aphogee has a small sample protein package under 3 bucks for 1 treatment. I tried it and I must say my hair is awesome. So here is my review on it.

Pre-Wash  Shampoo- I could tell it stripped my hair of oils due to amount of suds it produced but lucky I had pre -conditioned a bit so I wasn’t that concerned. I figured it wasn’t a bad thing since I was doing this particular treatment but for natural hair I don’t recommend this. For transitioners and relaxed hair you will be okay. . Next time, I probably would simply do my own shampoo instead.

Two Step Protein Treatment– First I must warn you, the smell isn’t good but considering I have used this on my relaxed hair I am used to the smell.  I put it on and then used a hair dyer to heat it up. When it’s heated up, you hair becomes VERY hard. Do not touch it or mess with it. After slowly washing it off, I could tell an immediate difference in my hair. My curls were finally back to coils over my entire head.


Balance Moisturizer

Balance Treatment– Okay I don’t know what is in it but the name did exactly what it said. Balanced. This is the first time in awhile my entire head had coils in it. I didn’t even do a deep conditioner treatment afterwards. My hair was restored! I simply made my leave in conditioner, applied it,  and let it air dry.

It’s now day 3 since the treatment and my hair is still awesome! From working out to an interview my hair is rocking with a cool small “coily” ‘fro.  This is definitely a staple product as my hair has always loved it when it was relaxed.  6 weeks later I will reapply! It’s in my appointment book now.

PS: I don’t have to buy the protein treatment. I lucked out and received some at our product swap! Sweet!!



  • Chloe O'Neal says:

    I love the protein treatment by Aphogee. It really helps prevent breakage by using it consistently. I try to use it twice a month and I’ve noticed a difference. It does smell pre-tty bad but I figure the treatment is worth it!

    • Alexandria says:

      Yes! I honestly see a great difference though. I think it’s worth it too. I used it for my permed hair and loved it so it’s even better now w/natural. My curls/coils have stayed this entire week! I am glad u said u do it monthly. I will do it too now monthly. Do u use the balance conditioner right afterwards too?

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