New Wig Time!! Afro Time!

Since the seasons have changed, thus my hair has too as well. I felt the need to find some new wigs and I couldn’t resist the great sale going on at my favorite place – Beauty 4 u in Grand Prairie, Texas. (145 lake ridge pkwy in grand prairie) I love the customer service and the best thing is that it is Blacked Owned! The owner (Charmaine) is natural but also was a beautician so her expertise is great!!  For relaxed to natural and all in between, the amount of products and quality is great! This is a one stop shop for all hair types.

Anyway, I tried on some new wigs and ended up departing with one cool one that I must say- surprised me.

Yes, the official Afro wig. I really liked the curls and how natural it looked, but I didn’t think I could pull it off…..

Here is the info for all that want to know. I got a #1 just because I knew my hair wouldn’t be showing at all.

This is a really goofy picture of me. I had just finished ripping and running around, so I was not looking so hot by the time. I really liked it plus it gave me an additional 3 inches of height without heels!

My friend and I hanging out on the patio!

Finally, after some shaping and makeup I went out with my new wig. No one could tell it was not my hair! I got lots of compliments on it too especially by guys. It’s all about how you rock it….

Oh, this wig is 20 bucks! Tell Charmaine (owner) I sent you.  She and her team will help you find the right wig and or product too.  You can check them out on facebook too.  Next up, I go straight  for a change….


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