Week 4 The Shred Plan Is Complete: Here Are My Results

*Clapping!! WOOOHOOO!!! It’s over!!



So my GRIT by Brit 4-week SHRED Plan has come to and end I can proudly say…

  • I lost 7 pounds and an inch or two in the waist
  • I can fit into a dress I purchased in April and look good in it!
  • Made it to see my 29th birthday!! Yay!
  • I learned the key to being balanced. There’s a time to rest and a time to work hard!
  • I made working out a priority by squeezing in workouts such as squats and taking the stairs when I couldn’t do a full workout routine.

Better yet, I’ve also learned 4 important things about myself, my fitness habits and my diet during the 4-week SHRED plan:

  1. Counting calories is key – NO guessing allowed! Counting calories helped me realize my weakness for bread.  It also showed me I needed to decrease my snack intake like nuts and fruit  (which is in high sugar) to a healthy daily amount. The Myfitnesspal app is my new best friend too!
  2. GRITbyBrit Ultimate Body Burn DVD is awesome. I pressed play and was determined to sweat it out. I burned tons of calories while working out and even more throughout the day. I love this DVD and will incorporate it into my regular workout routine. There are no excuses for not working out when you have this DVD.


  1. BURPEES.  I can’t believe the GRITbyBrit Ultimate Body Burn DVD and The 4-week SHRED Plan had me doing burpees!  Although I am still weak in this area,  simply doing more than one is a major accomplishment. I pushed myself and could hear Brit’s voice pushing me too! Mission accomplished!!!!
  2. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an ongoing effort. I was able to see many different areas I needed to adjust and made plans to nix my bad habits.   In terms of diet, it isn’t about being “raw” or “organic” but  finding what works for you. For me, I realized I was a lazy vegetarian who was enjoying too many starches, nuts and processed soy products. My less than optimal eating habits illustrated my lack of critical minerals such as omega-3s. I’ve made several diet adjustments and they have  paid off.  While I’m not perfect, I have definitely made many strides and I am happy to see what I’ve accomplished.  The end of the 4-week SHRED is just the beginning of even bigger, better and healthier things to come for me :)


You can catch up on my Four Week Shred Plan from the beginning below.

If you have questions on what to do with your hair, comment below or any of the outlets below.




By day, Alexandria is a Media Relations Manager where she is a go-to resource for travel media worldwide. By night and phone, she is the Co-Founder of Sporty Afros.com. Alexandria has completed numerous endurance races, a triathlete and featured in countless media such as USAT Magazine, JET, Essence and Fox Sports. She is speaker, blogger, foodie and avid Dallas Cowboys fan.


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