4 Week Shred Plan Week #3 Updates

So here are my updates of week 3 of the shred plan.

Hair Styles While Working Out: This week I kept my hair in it’s natural state like the photo above. It was easy to maintain. All I had to do was wakeup,  fluff out my hair, spray it with G+ spray and head out the house. During my workouts, I would pull my hair back in a puff with the Save Your Do Headwrap.
At night, I made sure to keep it moisturized and to sleep in a satin scarf. I sealed my ends with  Ayurvedic oil and added a dab of leave in conditioner during mid-week.

Grocery Shopping – I am loving Trader Joe’s! Shopping at Trade Joe’s allows me access to new foods and huge cost savings on my normal staple items. Since I have a salad every day, I can pick out a variety of salad toppings and bagged lettuce but also save $1-$2 per item in comparison to my  usual grocery stores. Healthy food and cost savings, awesome!
Food and Choices – The biggest diet change I made was my snacks.  I choose healthier fruits such as strawberries and blueberries because they have fewer calories and sugar, and are high in antioxidants. I also snack on raw veggies such as snap peas and steamed spinach. I also added a daily dose of omega-3 supplements as well.
Office Food – As soon as the holidays arrived, the office was flooded with cupcakes and candy. It looked like a Willy Winkers’ factory at 8am each morning. Skittles for breakfast?!
I decided to stash healthy breakfast items in my desk and even brought some to share with staff. This helped offset the growing amount holiday  treats that arrived daily. Boiled eggs, organic toast with few grapes on the side is an easy, healthy breakfast.! Ironically, the healthy food disappeared within a few hours of me placing it out. 
Scale Deception – I’ve discovered that when I don’t see the numbers change on the scale, I should also take a look at my clothes. I took a photo of my new pair of jeans verses my old jeggings. The change was amazing!
Time Off –  My doctor has recommended that I reduce reducing my stress level so I am making sure I get my 7-8 hours of sleep each night no matter what. I am drinking a lot of tea.  I recently discovered a new tea to help me relax and bring down stress levels.
If you missed my updates or need a summary of the Shred Plan, you can catch up below
If you have questions on what to do with your hair, comment below or any of the outlets below.


  • Treasure says:

    I normally keep my hair braided up/protective styled for a week at a time. It’s great for working out. I’m having a hard time losing weight due to diet. It’s not that I’m eating horribly – it’s the content of sugar and carbs (I believe). Can you post healthy meal ideas – not innovative recipes – but more like what a typical day looks like at say 1300 – 1500 calories low sugar/low carb? That would be very helpful!

    • alexandria says:

      Breakfast – Green veggie juice, hard boil egg
      snack- snow peas and hummus
      Lunch- “taco salad” with quinoa, lots of veggies, salsa etc.. or tofu stirfy
      snack- 1oz cheese and rye cracker or sliced bell peppers and carrots
      Dinner- big large salad with protein shake
      Water and tea all day
      Post workout snack – 1 small(or half) of banana or apple, coconut water and handful of veggies

      Watch your portions and count everything on myfitnesspal 🙂

  • Treasure says:

    Thanks. This helps. What is the green veggie juice?

    • Shanda says:

      @ at Alexandria thanks for the post. i had to give the green veggie juice a break for a while, but will resume drinking 🙂

      the green veggie juice is a mixture of green veggies kale, spinach along a host of other veggies (depending on preference)

      the way i make my “green veggie juice” is by blending mostly kale and spinach (main green veggies) along w/ 1/2 cucumber, celery (1 or 2 stalks), 1/2 lemon, carrots, small granny smith apple, a small piece of ginger root and lately started adding 1/2 banana and a little wheat germ. i try to use all organic when possible and it good to have a powerful blender. i think some health food stores carry the “green veggie juice” already made.

      • Alexandria says:

        Yeah.. I add banana or coconut juice when making a smoothie. I try to keep :juicing as juice only” and more veggies than anything. 🙂 Nice to see that similarities in juicing.

    • Alexandria says:

      Opps forgot to respond! I either buy fresh green juice from Central market or make it on my own.
      Apple (green) lime, kale, spinach, celery, cucumbers and ginger.

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