Workout Mondays – Perfect Workout For the Gym



Hey everyone! It’s workout out Monday!

Now that Jack Frost finally hit Texas, I am moving my workouts from outside to the gym. Brittney from Grit by Brit created the perfect, short gym workout. I also added a few hair care tips to go along with this workout as well. Let us know if you do this workout and what you think!

  • Workout Name: Brit’s Grind It Out Workout
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Calories Burned: 400 – 500
  • Focus: Lower body toning and overall calorie burn
  • Equipment needed: Treadmill or outdoor hill, hand weights (optional)
  • Workout Haircare Tips:Because this workout is packed with sweat for 45 mins, take time out to incorporate some simple hair accessories to keep your style intact.



Workout Hair Care Tips

  • Permed or straight hair: You can wear your hair a ponytail, pin curls or a wrap for this workout. Check out Whitney’s post about how to arrange your hair, before you workout. You can also use the Save Your Do Head Wrap to help keep the sweat from wrecking your hair style.  After your workout is complete, be sure your hair is completely dry before taking it down, and style it as usual.
  • Curly or coily hair: Use headbands to make sure your hair stays out of your face. After working out, spray hair with a light moisturizing spray such as Sporty Afros G+ Spray to rehydrate your curls.  Style in a simple afro puff (Alex illustrates this look) or use a small amount of light oil and gel to help tame those frizzy curls (Whitney illustrates this look.)


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