OBI Naturals Product Review

A few weeks ago I tried a few products from the OBI Naturals product line –  the Neem Tea Tree Shampoo Bar, Curl Hydration Spray (not pictured) , Curl Moisture Cream and the Curl Enhancing Custard. Now, usually when I do product reviews I try to remain as fair and as impartial as possible. But I just have to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE PRODUCTS. I don’t say that lightly. Ive tried most of the natural hair products on the market to add extra moisture and define my curls but I never found the perfect combination. Until now. The moisture cream and the curl enhancing custard have become a part of my regular hair care regimen.

I met the owner, Obia (I hope that’s how she spells her name). She is super nice and I found out that she is a chemist and makes the products herself, by hand and all of the ingredients are all natural. I saw her and her brother, Omini, at the Oklahoma City Naturals Expo and the Nappiology Expo. The are such nice people and I love supporting black businesses with passionate and kind owners.

Neem Tea Tree Shampoo Bar

As far as shampoo bars go this one is top notch. I love that it contains neem and tea tree because both ingredients are naturally antibacterial which helps if you have an itchy scalp. The thing I don’t like about shampoo bars is that they are a bit messy and I don’t like storing them, but with that being said. I really like this. It left my hair hair squeaky clean and my scalp itch free.


Curl Hydration Spray

(I don’t have a picture of the spray because I lent it to Alex )

I really liked this spray. Its great to spritz your hair down with in the morning to refresh your curls and it smells fantastic!


Curl Moisture Cream

I am IN LOVE with this product. It leaves your hair moisturized without being greasy. Its fantastic and all natural! I like to spritz my hair down with the curl hydration spray first because I feel that it makes my hair more receptive to retaining moisture.  It leaves my hair feeling super soft. My BF will actually put his hands in my hair now,  he thanks you Obia!


Curl Enhancing Custard

This is the best curl defining product I’ve found on the market. It defines my curls with no product build up and it doesn’t make my hair super hard. Its kind of a mix between gel and curling pudding. It’s FANTASTIC.


Check out my latest You Tube video where I show you how I incorporate the Curl Moisture Cream and the Curl Enhancing Custard into my hair care regimen.









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