Endurance Training Tips and Puma Fitness Gear Review

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If you are following me on instagram, you’ve seen that I am training hard for a triathlon. Training takes up a lot of time but I am finally back in the triathlon groove and I’m loving it. Several of you are training for various races and wanted to know a few beginners tips for training for an endurance race such as a triathlon and marathon. So here are five training tips.

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Triathlon and Marathon Training Tips for Beginners

  1. Train for a Beginner’s Race: If you have never completed an endurance race, try training for the shorter distances such as a half marathon or a sprint triathlon. This will help establish a routine and also save you tons of time money in the long term.
  2. Know What To Invest In: Stretch you piggy bank and know what things to invest in and what you can buy on the cheap. Running shoes and a high end swimsuit are critical pieces to invest in if you’re training for a tri. Goggles and other accessories such as water bottles and headphones are not high on the investment list. Look for these items on clearance, groupon and discount stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.
  3. Rest. Rest. Rest.: When training for an endurance race rest is a part of training. Proper rest is critical to allow your muscles and mind to recoup, recover and restore. Also, don’t forget to plan for off/rest days.
  4. Take Sick Days: Weather, stress and infections can get the best of us. Factor in sick days into your training schedule and take them when needed.
  5. Know Your Gear: It is important to train with the items you will use for your actual race. Don’t wait till a few days before the race to try new items such as energy shots or shoes.

Speaking of testing gear. While I am training, I am testing out new fitness gear for my upcoming race too!

Puma Fitness Gear Full Review and Outfit

Testing New Training Gear – Puma Fitness Gear

It’s great to test new gear and garments during race training. The kind folks over at Puma sent me some of their latest fitness gear and the Puma’s Bubble XT Tribal sold at FinishLine.

It’s really fashionable.


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Sports Bra and Pants

PUMA’s ACTV bra and cropped fitness pants are beyond amazing.  Thanks to the ACTV technology, it fuses the benefits of compression with those of strategically placed athletic tape.  The tape is integrated directly into the interior of the garment and is strategically placed to micro-massage you skin in your most critical areas, intending to help you maximize your workout and energy supply.  When worn you can see the lines of the of the ACTV technology.

The Puma Gym Power ACTV 3/4 Tights are unique! The pants stuck to my legs like glue. I advise not being sweaty or wet when putting these pants on; however, the pants are amazing and make me feel like superhero- Havok to me more exact.


havok costume


The sports bra is one of my favorite pieces. Upon first glance, I didn’t think this sports bra would hold my girls in place while running, but boy was I wrong. Thanks to the ACTV technology did its job!


Puma Fitness Gear

The Perfect Top – Puma Gym Loose Top

The Gym Loose Top is my favorite workout top to date. It combines the benefits of moisture-wicking , cuteness and looseness. It blends function and fashion for us fitness chicks that want to work out but still look cute while doing so. This top is perfect warm weather.


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Comfortable Shoes – Puma Bubble XT Tribal

The PUMA Bubble XT Tribal sneakers are a unique pair of flexible kicks. The shoes are great to slip on after a long workout and before/after spin class. The design and tribal print on the shoes matched perfectly with my outfit. The bubble-shaped cushioning pods make you feel like you’re walking on air.


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Testing the new Puma fitness apparel introduced me to some gear that helps me during my long, brick  workouts.



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