Working Out on Vacation

I know when most people take a vacation they take short hiatus from working out  but what if your vacation happens to fall during the time your training for a big race? You can’t take off too many days or you risk losing all of the progress you made. So then you have to do the unthinkable …workout on vacation.

Unfortunately, that’s what I have to do. I’m taking a 10 day trip to Cali and it falls during the time I’m training for my first Olympic distance triathlon. It sucks!

Here is my tentative plan:  Check out the hotel’s fitness facilities, if they don’t have much going on I’ll see what’s close by. I plan to
wake up early (well, vacation time early at like 9 am) and go for a run, find a class, rent a bike, find an LA fitness or something! I just can’t lose all of the progress I’ve made these past few weeks. Intuitively I know its not going to work that easily. I’ll keep y’all posted on how this goes, it’s gonna be interesting,,,,

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